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A global society for smart city solutions

Who we are

The three companies Delfi Data, Petrolink and Roxel got the idea to create EnablerHub in spring 2016. The official opening will take place during an event at Nordic Edge Expo on October 6.

Demand for suppliers who could deliver integrated solutions for smart cities was recorded over time. This was also the backdrop for idea development behind EnablerHub. With experience, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit from different industries the companies found that they could meet market needs through collaboration and innovation.

The founders of EnablerHub saw that Rogaland had come a long way in the vision about a more sustainable and seamlessly society. The initiators saw the possibility to form a unique company. This is to assist in the work of the region and create the most successful smart cities. The idea was also to unite all positive forces and create a strong and forward-looking smart city environment which in turn can give rise to new technological jobs.

The philosophy is that EnablerHub will deliver complete solutions to public and private market and be a central point for customers who want total smart city solutions. EnablerHub shall also aims to be a strong contributor for the region to become a beacon for international smart cities.

A global center for smart city solutions

A total supplier and contractor of solutions for sustainable cities

«Enabler Hub will be the preferred supplier of quality information to municipalities, government agencies and private industry.»

We work closely with our customers and clients to optimize real-time information from sensors and other sources of quality information as input to their decision making.

Our ambition is to be a credible and reliable response center for our customers and a long-term cooperation arena for our partners.

We offer a toolbox of solutions and services that are defined by and for our members. We work to facilitate cooperation, information sharing, increased efficiency that enables innovation.

What we do

Communities and cities are becoming more and more complex in its development. Challenge of urbanization will place greater demands on the restructuring and development of smart cities. There may be solutions for mobility, energy, development, diversity, technology, welfare and other areas for those who live and travel in cities. Many solutions in various areas are operated already today and the information that is available is often used in isolation to create the best possible decisions. EnablerHub does however something new. We deliver complete smartcity solutions for our customers, through our partner apparatus. EnablerHub is a generator for those who want to develop smart communities.

EnablerHub enables our customers to obtain real-time information from all appropriate sources of information. We make this into quality information as input to the customers' decision making. We will help our clients meet the demands of citizens, users and consumers to live in a safer, easier and better society. Our solutions will provide reduced costs, increased efficiency, better safety and environment, reduce energy consumption, increase tourism-, business- and tax-revenue and improved resident quality

How we do it

Modern society consists of many players, each of which provides different solutions in a smart city perspective. Our services are arranged on the basis of which information needs and social challenge client wants to highlight and improve. Based on defined challenges we offer a toolbox of solutions and services that together provide complete smart cities. We are working to facilitate cooperation, information sharing, efficiency, smart and creative thinking. This will enable innovation.


Beyond custom services, based on the principal defined needs, EnablerHub delivers following products to private companies and public authorities and organizations:

Energy management

It innovate within the building sector. Zero Discharge Construction projects are being developed already today and is going to be a trend in the future of cities. It is essential for these buildings that you pick out the correct and important information and data necessary for optimal effect. This will give the desired energy savings but also the best possible energy utilization.

EnablerHub delivers complete solutions that produce accurate real-time information. From modern sensors to decision making done at the desired surface.

The same processing of data and overview is provided for industrial-, commercial- and public buildings to improve energy efficiency.

Societal – warning and preparedness

Today there are many systems to alert authorities and private companies on matters that are relevant to a health and safety perspective.

EnablerHub offers a seamless realtime tool that collects vital data from desired sources of information and generating user friendly and useful data. This will help to increase the information base to better preparedness of risk areas. This will include, for example landslides / avalanches, floods, fires, road and tunnel safety, terrorism and crime system, etcetera. This information collection and utilization of real-time data will EnablerHub organize, interact and automate in an inter-municipal Response Center.

Mapping of mobility and trends of transport and tourism

Smart cities implies more sustainable development goals of reducing car traffic and wiser and better solutions for pedestrians and public transport passengers. For government planners, property, tourism and industry players can be challenging to inform themselves about the trends and patterns of movement. Therefore it would be useful to identify the mobility of the municipality's citizens and visitors. Queues and traffic congestion can be difficult to avoid unless you have proper understanding of behavior patterns. The challenges can be anything from where the best bike routes and bus stops will be to the visitor and customer squares will be offered.

EnablerHub offers tools to identify, analyze and display the necessary data on trends in the mobility of various target groups. Our proven systems have accurate information at all times and can navigate principals to better and effective decision data. Our tool displays the motion patterns of visitors and passengers. This is a unique decision basis that EnablerHub makes for future city-, tourist-, transport-/traffic- and logistics-planning and anyone else who needs movement trends.


There are thousands of different technologies, products and solutions that make cities smart. EnablerHub's main mission is to connect and systematize data collection from the various solutions. EnablerHub has experts who provide advices to select the best solutions to achieve desired results and meet customer objectives.

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For customers

Enablerhub is a global center for integrated solutions targeted towards sustainable societies.

A single point of contact for cities and communities that need solutions, not just ideas.

For partners

Companies are invited to cooperate under a united banner and together we can provide a total solution to fulfill the objectives of improving the environment, improved mobility and safer and easier life for residents and visitors.

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